Estates and Trusts: Get Informed to Gain Control and Peace of Mind

Regardless of what situation brought you here, one fact is almost always true …

You want help protecting your wealth, your family or your rights in the planning or administration of a trust or estate.

These situations can create confusion about your legal options and, since you’ve probably never talked to an estate lawyer, you may feel unprepared and uneasy.

For these reasons and more,  my site attempts to help you feel more prepared, by being more informed, so that you can relax and  feel more at ease with the process and perhaps give you the tools necessary to protect your rights and your family – to protect what matters.

Self Help Informational Library

Take a look around. The Self Help Information Library, always available in the left-hand column of every page on this site, has many articles designed to give you information on issues surrounding the planning, administration and litigation of trusts and estates.

And, of course, this site may not answer all your questions. You may need expertise, expertise that no website could ever offer, to help guide you down a difficult path.  If so, give my office a call to arrange for a consultation.  I and my office staff are here to help ordinary people with sound, practical “tell me how it is”, advice on complex, and often deeply personal, issues.

For over 20 years, I have been helping clients gain control over difficult and costly situations and regain peace of mind.  Protecting what matters is what I love to do.  Let me know if I can help.

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